Private Business Card

Business card is the second name of the business owner and staffs with more detailed information: position, email address, physical address. Business cards are usually presented to one person by another in a face-to-face exchange, although they may also be attached to invoices and thank you cards, or even attached to a vehicle in a business card holder so passersby can help themselves to one if they’re interested in the service or product advertised on the vehicle. When business cards are exchanged in person, they may be exchanged at the beginning or end of a conversation.

About the business card printing, final card size is 90mm x 55mm. In choosing the materials of the business card, I choose double sided linen which is a type of texture business card, this elegant special finish mimics the look and feel of linen fabric for the paper type, and double sided gloss which has a slight sheen and reflects light for finishing.

b1 front1.1

Business card 1

Business cardBusiness CardBusiness Card

Business card
Business card 2


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