Booklet: The Grace Shop

The importance of booklet printing as a marketing tool in these day. Booklets play an important role in boosting my business and makes a statement to my clients. It makes the communication between an organization and its targeted audience effectively. A printed booklet along with newspapers or magazines works out well. It is one of the way to increase visibility and marketing of my business. It also helps to reach the targeted audience.

This booklet is one of the main subjects for communication and spreading information about The Grace Shop, which is easy to read and access. There are many images for introducing where the shop is, what the shop does, and let people feel the shop with some real things.

For printing this booklet, I want to choose Saddle stitching. It is a form of binding in which all pages are bound in the center of the booklet from the outside in using wire staples. I plan to print booklets in A4 sizes in  portrait orientation.

3Designlazy Brochure02coofee1Photorealistic Magazine MockUp

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