Dessert Magazine

For those of you with a real craving for all things sweet and pastry, this desserts magazine is just for you!  In this combined pastry and dessert magazine, it will cover a range of delicious mouth-watering recipes for you to impress your friends and family with… because we all know there is nothing better than a hearty, home-made desserts!

I aim to go past this desserts magazine and look at the components and ingredients that make up some of local chefs delicious pastries and desserts.  You will learn the technical aspects of pastry, the do’s and don’ts when handling different types of pastry and tempering chocolate.  This level of details will enable you to better understand the function and the balances that are going on in each of the dishes. Learn some of the tricks of the trade, as well great recipes that you can make at home for family or for dinner parties over and over again.

You’ll learn to create a range of dishes such as buttermilk pancake, classic flan, individual apple and blueberry pies, and a chocolate fondant.