Branding: The Grace Shop



I like to cook and making desserts, so I dream of having a private business which relates to delicious cakes and nice coffee. Using my professional design knowledge to design logo, slogan, marketing book and so on. I will be enthusiastic in everything I do.

Passion Plan

Centrally located in Brisbane, The Grace shop offers a comfortable environment for everyone. Come and enjoy our selection of homemade sandwiches, panini, wraps, salads and soups. Whether you’re looking to relax over a cup of espresso or grab a quick bite to go, the Grace shop is for you.

Our mission is to serve the downtown business community by providing the highest-quality coffees, sandwiches, snacks, and baked goods in an atmosphere that meets the needs of customers who are in a hurry as well as those who want a place to relax and enjoy their beverages and food.



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Long - Pillow Mockup (Freebie) by MassDream

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